Using Generative API for Better Data Quality in Databases and Files

Single Data Record APIs

Easy-to-integrate, real-time Cloud APIs powered by Generative AI, Machine Learning, specialized algorithms, extensive knowledge bases and more make it easy to integrate Similarity Keys and intelligent data matching capabilities ANYWHERE.


Full Dataset APIs

These APIs enable the processing of entire data tables and data files with a single API call, including generating data match/redundancy reports, appending Similarity Keys to existing files, creating new tables within databases to aid in data matching, and much more. These APIs are at the core of our Cloud Data Connect UI-driven Match Wizard.


Powerful SDKs

Flexible SDKs for premier coding languages such as Python, Go, Node.JS, Typescript, Java, and more. SDKs are available for both single-record and full-dataset APIs.

Single Data Record Cloud APIs

All APIs can be used with a single API license key, available upon registration.
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Data Matching APIs

This is our premier and primary API offering. Use algorithmically generated similarity keys leveraging Generative AI, Large Language Models (LLMs), Machine Learning, specialized algorithms, and extensive knowledge bases to intelligently match data within or across data sources.

Get Company Match Similarity Key API
Get Full Name Match Similarity Key API
Get Full Name Parsed Match Similarity Key API
Get Address Match Similarity Key API

Compare Full Names to get Match Score API
Compare Organization Names to get Match Score API

Get Remaining Credits

Full Dataset APIs

These APIs process an entire dataset table, or a file (CSV/TSV/Excel), generating match reports, appending Similarity Keys, generating SQL, creating new SQL tables with match information and more. These "full-dataset" APIs can be used for scheduled data quality analysis and anomaly reporting, within batch scripts, with data pipelines, workflows, ELT/ETL, marketing/CRM data refinement, and anywhere else hiqh quality, normalized, and non-redundant data is important.

The Data Matching Full-Dataset API is at the core of our Cloud Data Connect UI-driven Match Wizard

Full Dataset API:
Data Matching


Our SDKs for Seamless IDE Integration:
Node.js Package
Python Package
Go Package
Java Package
Other Programming Languages Sample Code on GitHub.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Interzoid's Single Data Record APIs?
Interzoid's Single Data Record APIs are real-time Cloud APIs that enable the generation of "Similarity Keys" for intelligent data matching purposes using Generative AI, Machine Learning, specialized algorithms, and extensive knowledge bases - one record, and one API call at a time.

What is a Similarity Key and how is it generated?
A Similarity Key is a hash generated by Interzoid's algorithms using Generative AI, Large Language Models, knowledge bases, and various heuristic methods to identify and cluster similar data elements. Data that similar will generate the same Similarity Key, a tremendous helper in data matching and identifying inconsistent data.

How do Interzoid's Full Dataset APIs work?
Full Dataset APIs allow for processing entire data tables or files, initiating the process with a single API call. It connects to the desired data source, and traverses through all of it, utilizing our Single Data Record APIs and the generation of Similarity Keys behind the scenes. This enables functionality such as generating data match/redundancy reports, appending Similarity Keys, and creating new database tables to store Similarity Keys for data in other tables to assist in data matching, both within a single dataset/tables or across datasets/tables.

How does Generative AI enhance data matching and cleansing in this product?
We use Generative AI to dramatically enhance our data matching and inconsistently represented data identification capabilities. We've built a specialized language model into the product, transparent to the user, that enables these advanced capabilities. It is used by our matching algorithms during the analysis and processing of data.

What programming languages are supported by Interzoid's SDKs?
Interzoid offers SDKs for Python, Go, Node.JS, Typescript, Java, and more, facilitating seamless integration into various development environments.

Can I use all Interzoid APIs with a single API license key?
Yes, all Interzoid APIs can be accessed using a single API license key, which is provided upon registration.

What types of data inconsistencies can Interzoid help address?
Interzoid can help resolve data challenges such as duplicate data records, irregular data representations, and matching records within disparate data sources, enhancing the quality, reliability, and value of data-centric applications.

How can Similarity Keys be used in data matching?
Similarity Keys can be used to align/cluster similar records next to each other in a sorted dataset, identify match candidates within subsets, or serve as the basis for cross-dataset matches.

What are some applications of Interzoid's data matching APIs?
See our Use Cases page.

How can Interzoid's Cloud APIs integrate with existing data pipelines or workflows?
Interzoid's Cloud APIs can be seamlessly integrated into batch scripts, data pipelines, workflows, ELT/ETL processes, and marketing/CRM data refinement projects for ongoing data quality analysis, typically with a single line of code.

How does Interzoid's pricing model work?
Interzoid uses a credits-based system, where each API call deducts a credit from your balance. Credits are purchased monthly or annually, with annual subscriptions offering a cost benefit.

Is there an option for deploying the Interzoid Generative-AI powered API matching system on my own Cloud infrastructure?
Yes, you can deploy the entire Interzoid API matching system on AWS EC2 in your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using a pre-built Machine Image via the AWS Marketplace, without requiring API keys and billed hourly rather than per-API-call.

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