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Supported Cloud Database Platforms for Integrated API Usage

Interzoid's browser-based Cloud Data Connect product can quickly and easily access major Cloud SQL data platforms.

The free product is "A Swiss Army Knife" for improving the quality, comprehensiveness, usability, accuracy, and value of important data for all Cloud-based SQL data platforms

- Connect to live data on major data platforms from the browser
- Analyze data, create reports and/or create results tables
- Create newly-enriched datasets from existing ones
- Identify exceptions, inconsistencies, and redundancy at the click of a button
- Built-in and automated ELT processes
- Many reports and processes to utilize out of the box

APIs integrated with Cloud Databases

Supported Cloud Database Platforms:

- AWS RDS, AWS Redshift, and AWS Aurora
- Microsoft Azure SQL
- Google Cloud SQL
- Snowflake
- MariaDB/SkySQL
- CockroachDB
- Postgres-based platforms
- MySQL-based platforms
- Many more

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