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Interzoid Credit Pricing

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Interzoid uses a credits-based system for pricing and access to our products and APIs. Credits are purchased, added to your account, and then individual calls/requests to an API subtract a single credit from your account, including when used within the Interzoid Cloud Data Connect product. Credits become cheaper when purchased in volume. Credits can be used across ALL INTERZOID APIs and PRODUCTS for consistency and ease of use. All of our tools and integrated database products are free. You only pay for API usage, both standalone and when built into our other products. Current pricing is as follows:

$100 - 10,000 credits
$750 - 100,000 credits
$5000 - 1,000,000 credits
$25,000 - 10,000,000 credits
Contact us at for unlimited, dedicated instance, custom, special circumstances or OEM pricing. All prices USD.

Our interactive Interzoid Cloud Data Connect product also has a Free Tier.


If you are ready to purchase credits for use with Interzoid, login to your account and click "Buy Credits" from the main menu. If you would prefer to pay for usage via your AWS bill, you can also pay on a per-transaction basis using our integration with AWS Marketplace.


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