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Street Address Matching Get Address Match Similarity Key API

This API provides a hashed similarity key from the input data used to match with other similar address data. Use the generated similarity key, rather than the actual data itself, to match and/or sort address data by similarity. This avoids the problems of data inconsistency, misspellings, and address element variations when matching either withing a single dataset, or across datasets. It also provides for broader searching capabilities.

Heuristics, phonetics, specific knowledge bases, categorization hierarchies, contextual machine learning, and other various algorithms are used as the basis of our similarity key generation.

You can choose from two matching algorithms, "wide" and "narrow". The algorithm "narrow" considers a unit number (suite, apartment, unit, etc.) when generating similarity keys. This ensures individual units are identified separately when comparing generated keys. The "wide" parameter will not consider the unit numbers, generating matching similarity keys based on the primary address only. Your business case will dictate which algorithm is ideal.

Learn more about Interzoid Data Matching.

Example of generated similarity keys. The names that show the same similarity key are "similar" records.
Address Input Value Similarity Key Returned From API
500 E Main St. Vy77jRfV0SR11wdJwDO0Cvzh4xCg
500 east main VY77RfV0SR11wdJwDO0Cvzh4xCg
745 broadway avenue nw, #201 pdsjjImDHMQUX6EMlBHD9H17SAoTamH6zCBjFm1
Park Avenue #500 h7DH7cGd84jsD7309djY1T68ml
500 PARK AVE. h7DH7cGd84jsD7309djY1T68ml
1919 Cameron Way j8djv94fh7H49krlg9sjfR6h7Uji64
745 Broad Way N.W. Unit 201 pdsjjImDHMQUX6EMlBHD9H17SAoTamH6zCBjFm1
Street Address Match Reports: Use this API to easily generate match reports via the browser while connected to a Cloud data platform or database platform.

Service API Endpoint:

Calling Structure:[licensekey]&address=[address]&algorithm=[wide or narrow]

SDKs and Sample Code Showing Usage:
Node.js Package
Python Package
Go Package
Other Client Code Examples on Github

Optional Specification Examples:
OpenAPI Specification 3.1 JSON
OpenAPI Specification 3.1 YAML

Input Parameters:
License: Your Interzoid-issued license key
Company: Address from which similarity key will be generated
Algorithm: Which similarity-key-generation master algorithm will be applied ("wide" or "narrow")

Output Parameters:
SimKey: Generated similarity key used for matching and comparing with other data

Sample URL Query:*****&address=400 East Broadway St&algorithm=narrow
Sample JSON Output:
You can also set a header value for your API License Key (*recommended for production environments):
Curl Example:
curl --header "x-api-key: fh5hs7*****" ""

See this API in action with our Cloud Data Connect Web application, which uses the API to match entire datasets and database tables. You can run sample datasets without using any API credits.

To automate calls to this API against a targeted data source with a single command, see documentation here.

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Sample Address Matches:

1000 Fourth Street E
1000 4th St. East

99 Los Angeles Street
99 L.A. Street

455 E Main St
455 East Main
455 Main Street

7000 Cleveland Road
7000 Cleaveland Rd

9000 e calif road
9000 east calif road

1777 st louis rd
1777 saint louis road
1777 saint louis raod

500 Browne lane suite #100
500 Browne ln suite 100
500 brown lane ste 100

9 Johnson Road
Nine Johnston rd

555A OH road
555-A Ohio Road

100 first street
100 1st street

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