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How to Get Started with Interzoid

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Once you have registered with Interzoid, here are some quick steps to get you started.

- Log in to the Interzoid Website and visit the Account page to obtain your API License Key. You will need this to access any of our data products, run data workloads, or call APIs.

- If you are a developer and would like to learn about and access our APIs, please visit our API list here. Our APIs can be integrated via JSON/REST in most cases with a single line of code. We have SDKs and code samples available to make things easy.

- Check out our Interzoid Cloud Data Connect product, where you can run data workloads against various Cloud database platforms and CSV files that leverage our APIs. Here, the process of calling an API for each record in a database or dataset is automated, with output results sent either to a report or written back to the source database (in the case of SQL tables) as a new table. This product is free to use, however usage is tracked via your API key, and a credit is subtracted from your monthly subscription amount for each record processed/API call.

- There is a quick and easy tutorial to show how to use the Cloud Data Connect product so you can get get up & running quickly. The tutorial shows a data matching example with sample data files. You can see it here: data matching tutorial

- For instructions on how to include data matching of a dataset, including scheduled runs, ongoing processing, or as part of a data pipeline , see the data matching workflow guide as example.

- We have test data available both as SQL scripts and CSV files for you to make use of if you would like to try these to get the hang of things before you start working with your own data tables and files using the Cloud Data Connect product.

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