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Zip Code Demographics Get Zip Code Demographics & Information API

This API provides detailed demographic information for a zip code value in the United States.

Example of Zip Code API responses.
Zip Code City State Latitude Longitude Population Income % 100k+ ...
53703 Madison WI 43.079575 -89.378389 27958 12 ...
44702 Canton OH 40.799793 -81.37578 1053 12 ...
89052 Henderson NV 35.955109 -115.056738 47214 30 ...
75023 Plano TX 33.056789 -96.730859 45452 23 ...
33767 Clearwater Beach FL 27.974748 -82.826777 8007 39 ...
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Service API Endpoint:

Calling Structure:[licensekey]&zip=[zipcode]

Optional Specification Examples:
OpenAPI Specification 3.0 JSON

Input Parameters:
License: Your Interzoid-issued license key
Zip: Five-digit US Zip Code

Output Parameters:
City: City corresponding to this Zip Code
State: State corresponding to this Zip Code
Population: Population of this Zip Code
Area Square Miles: Size of this Zip Code
Latitude: Latitude centroid coordinate for this Zip Code
Longitude: Longitude centroid coordinate for this Zip Code
Income Percent 50k: Percentage of income greater than $50k in this Zip Code
Income Percent 100k: Percentage of income greater than $100k in this Zip Code
Income Percent 200k: Percentage of income greater than $200k in this Zip Code
Married Household Percent: Married household percentage in this Zip Code
Elderly Household Percent: Elderly household percentage this Zip Code
Farmer Household Percent: Farmer household percentage in this Zip Code

Sample URL Query:****&zip=44281
Sample JSON Output:
You can also set a header value for your API License Key (*recommended for production environments):
Curl Example:
curl --header "x-api-key: j57a6s****" ""

Sample Code Showing Usage:

Try the API interactively:
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Result Code:




Area Square Miles:



% Income 50k+:

% Income 100k+

% Income 200k+

Married Household %:

Elderly Household %:

Farmer Household %:

Credits Remaining:

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