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Individual Name Matching Parsed Get Full Name Parsed Match Similarity Key API

This API provides a hashed similarity key from the input data used to match with other similar first name and last name data. Use the generated similarity key, rather than the actual data itself, to match and/or sort individual name data by similarity. This avoids the problems of data inconsistency, misspellings, and name variations when matching, as well as providing the ability to match across datasets.

Generative AI, a specialized language model, heuristics, phonetics, specific knowledge bases, categorization hierarchies, contextual machine learning, and other various algorithms are used as the basis of our similarity key generation.

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Example of generated similarity keys. The names that show the same similarity key are "similar" records.
First Name Last Name Similarity Key Returned From API
James Kelly N1Ai4RfV0SRJf2dJwDO0Cvzh4xCgQG
Jim Kelley N1Ai4RfV0SRJf2dJwDO0Cvzh4xCgQG
Mr. Jim H. Kellie N1Ai4RfV0SRJf2dJwDO0Cvzh4xCgQG
Wanda Curtis LV0Tz8hjbfKWiljOpBUK0FjkcRKhz0SJb
Sally Anderson xE5Y6ImDHMQUX6EMlBHD9H17SAoTamH6zCBjFm1
Paul Mayfield BZ6nRf6RCPXSmrZOp8FKRSjQuRvfzOsJY
Sallie Andersen xE5Y6ImDHMQUX6EMlBHD9H17SAoTamH6zCBjFm1
Individual Name Match Reports: Use this API to easily generate match reports via the browser while connected to a Cloud data platform or database platform.

Service API Endpoint:

Calling Structure:[licensekey]&firstname=[first name]&lastname=[last name]

Optional Specification Examples:
OpenAPI Specification 3.1 JSON
OpenAPI Specification 3.1 YAML

Input Parameters:
License: Your Interzoid-issued license API key
First Name: Person's first name such as Robert, Jennifer, or Phil
Last Name: Person's last name such as Miller, Jones, or Smith

Output Parameters:
SimKey: Generated similarity key used for matching and comparing with other data

Sample URL Query:***&firstname=james&lastname=johnston
Sample JSON Output:
You can also set a header value for your API License Key (*recommended for production environments):
Curl Example:
curl --header "x-api-key: 88fff8bh***" ""
(Note: from the command line, '%20' is required to embed spaces)

Sample Code Showing Usage:

Try the API (best results obtained via API with large datasets):
(API License Key will auto-populate if you have an account and are logged in. Otherwise, register for a free account.)

Login or register to obtain

Result Code:

Similarity Key:

Credits Remaining:

To use this API to generate reports of matching company names within an entire CSV file, check out this cURL sample API call using our Cloud Data Connect product:
> curl ""

See this API in action with our Cloud Data Connect Web matching wizard, which uses this API to match entire datasets and database tables. You can run sample datasets such as this without using any API credits.

To automate calls to this API against a targeted data source with a single command, see documentation here.

Sample Matches Found Using Similarity Keys:

Bill Jameson
William R. Jamison

Dr Fred Johnston
Frederick P Johnson

Sallie Harrell
Sally Harrel

Jim Donaven
James Donovan

Gavin McMillan
Gaven P. MacMillen III

Elizabeth Donnelly
Liz Donley

Bob Ford
Robert Forde

Frank Menendez
Mr. Franklin Menendes

Lori Greenberg
Ms Laura J Greenburgh

Julia Rodgers
Julie Rogers

Lindsey Shrader

Pete Cellars
Peter Sellers
Petr R. Selars

tracy vasquez
Tracie Vasques

Kenny Vonn Jr.

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