Using Generative API for Better Data Quality in Databases and Files
AI-Powered Data Quality

Use AI-Powered APIs and Tools to Identify Inconsistent and Duplicate Name Data

Our "SmartMatchAI" technology at the core of our products makes use of Generative AI, Machine Learning, specialized algorithms, and comprehensive knowledge bases. This enables the discovery, matching, and resolution of inconsistencies in company names, organization names, or individual names within your critical data assets. You can swiftly and effortlessly improve the usability and value of your important data using Interzoid's APIs and Connected data products, all powered with Generative AI. Sign up for an API license key and get immediate free trial access. Start using it right now.

Seamless Integration, Limitless Innovation

Our state-of-the-art Generative AI-based data matching capabilities easily blend into your existing tech ecosystem, either through our easy-to-use APIs or our Cloud-connected database/dataset solutions.

Now Also Available as an AWS EC2 Machine Image

You can now deploy Interzoid's entire AI-Powered Data Matching system as an AWS EC2 Instance, enabling maximum performance, total flexibility, and unlimited access while achieving higher levels of data quality and data usability in your important data. Within minutes of launching you can analyze, process, and generate data matching and anomaly reports (and much more) for your databases and datasets. Access local, network, or Cloud databases and files directly from the instance in your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) within your AWS account. Connects to AWS RDS/Aurora, Azure SQL, Snowflake, Google SQL, Databricks, MySQL, Postgres, CSV, Excel, Parquet, and more...


Company & Individual Name Matching

Easily integrate our data matching API Products. Utilize Generative AI-enhanced algorithms for consistent, higher quality data content.

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Connected Database Products

Use our pre-integrated data matching APIs within a Web application for use with the top SQL Database Platforms and file types for better, more valuable data assets.

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How Usable Are Your Data Assets?

What if it were easy to know?

Multiple Matching APIs identify, match, and correct inconsistent and redundant data, so you can be certain you are working with the best possible data. These are the same APIs we use in our Cloud Data Connect product. Here are some examples:

Try our Easy-to-Use Cloud Data Connect Wizard:

Free-tier available! In just a few easy clicks you can connect to Cloud databases, CSV/TSV text files, Parquet files, and Excel spreadsheets - all in the Cloud or using local files. Run match reports, identify inconsistent/non-normalized data, find redundant data, append similarity keys, create new tables with similarity keys for matching across tables, and more.

Example: Identify Matching Company Names Caused By Inconsistent Data

Poor data quality can lead to operational problems and bad decision-making

Connect and Identify Data Issues within Cloud Database Platforms

Runs entirely from the browser - only API transactions are charged

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