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We provide an API-driven Cloud Data Platform to help you improve the value of your data assets.


ML-based Cloud API Products

Easily integrate our Data-oriented API Products into Web Sites, Applications, and Business Processes. Utilize Machine Learning for higher quality databases and datasets.

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Connected Database Products

Use Pre-Integrated APIs within Pre-Built Components for use with the top SQL Database Platforms (CSVs too) for better, more valuable data assets. Free tier available.

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Featured APIs:

How Usable Are Your Data Assets?

What if it were easy to know?

Multiple Matching APIs identify, match, and correct inconsistent and redundant data, so everything you do with your data is more effective, useful, and successful.

Example: Identify Matching Company Names Caused By Inconsistent Data

Poor data quality can lead to operational problems and bad decision-making

Automate Delivery of API Data Payloads Directly to Cloud Database Platforms

Runs entirely from the browser - only API transactions are charged

Built and Deployed on an API Platform Backbone

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